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Climbing in Baunei

“The wind blew the stones, although hardly any of you will believe it. Sometimes it was still holds on, hoping not to be ripped off. Manolo flew three yards rushing on him, on top of the third pillar of fire … “so Alexander in the Pillory on his” High Noon Stone “in 1982. That day in January 1981 was born the “Symphony of Windmills”, the first road win of the Garfish Goloritz√®!

The author of the book, along with Manolo and Bernardi, his traveling

companions, explores in depth our area in 1981, climbing the breathless walls of Punta Giradili, Punta Argennas e Ginnircu.

It has been over twenty years since then, but the exploration of the Supramonte of Baunei has never stopped and with the help of many like Marcello Cominetti, Lorenzo Nadali, Enzo Lecis, Giampaolo Mocci, Simone Sarti, Cecilia Marchi and Maurizio Oviglia, the new Climbing cliffs was born. Maurizio Oviglia, (to whom much has to be for the development and enhancement of the walls in Baunei and not only in Baunei) was the author of the nailing of the new streets of Porto de Creuza and he participated in the making of the Gallic Village in the context of a project funded by the Administration of the City of Baunei.