Santa Maria Navarrese

Visit the village of Santa Maria Navarrese

Baunei’s sea hamlet, this charming village is located only 9 km from Bia Maore Hotel. Born in the ’60s with a few white houses around the church that according to the legend was built by the Princess of Navarre, daughter of King Garcia IV in 1052, today the country is a destination for visitors all year round.

Of particular interest the presence of secular nature Olivastri and of a sample of over two thousand years in Piazza Princess of Navarre near the little white church. The beach is just across the square: a small bay protected

from winds by the Spanish tower of the XVI century guarding the beach.

A modern marina, home for over four hundred ships and an assorted number of restaurants, pizzerias, beautiful kiosks on the beach, makes the village a pleasant place to visit.