The measurement as a whole was the arithmetic average (4

The measurement as a whole was the arithmetic average (4

That it area of the studies has a presentation of the results, which have been achieved by the answering the new study’s issues, and you may a detailed research of all the study variables is carried out to the questionnaires and you will mathematical averages, simple deviations and you can proportions from respondents’ answers was indeed accomplished, additionally the adopting the are a presentation of one’s forms:

It is clear about previous Dining table (3) that large section throughout the economic aspects of this new later period of matrimony was “the cause of the new defer chronilogical age of relationships therefore the large costs out-of ily to add (dowry) that’s in 2 kinds of cash put off payment and a great silver coin need to be purchased, that is faced with getting ready to marry functions, merchandise, meal preparing, matrimony hallway, to invest in sweets, decorating the latest fiance and purchasing clothing and you can decorating our house try the causes one to put off the age of marriage Young adults that it are similar to the data (Awad,2016). together with studies verified that lower income, The shortcoming to provide enough housing, the exaggeration off wedding events, brand new lavishness out-of banquets and you will festivals, together with want to continue studies had been among the financial things about this new slow down regarding chronilogical age of relationship, in addition to minimum section are “the cause of the fresh postponed age matrimony, the new high wages of one’s marriage” in the middle of my personal membership and you may a fundamental deviation (4.several, 0.143) respectively, outlining that the Jordanian household members however helps the uniqueness to make certain that another people is also ily, or give help him about this side. 22) and its own simple deviation (0.655).

The economic foundation in addition to has an effect on the new late chronilogical age of wedding as a consequence of the fresh decrease in month-to-month salaries, if we be aware that minimal wage is 220 dinars and you can an average monthly income off professionals is actually below 800 dinars, and that money is not enough to form a family

Following economic crisis you to hit society during the early eighties, it educated economic crises due to the incidents seen because of the globe, including the first and you will next Gulf Conflicts, the country Financial crisis, brand new Arab Revolutions, the latest Syrian Conflict, plus the current Corona pandemic, and therefore affected the economic situat ion off Jordanian people and you will partnered life as well.

Considering economic circumstances as among the vital reasons for having brand new late period of ong young people, this can be consistent with the analysis (Al-Jalbana, 2017). and this confirmed the fiscal conditions knowledgeable by young people in Jordanian people produced all of them reduce the marriage, including: lower wages, wages, highest lease to own apartments, design costs, jobless, decreased appropriate occupations, as well as the insufficient enough job opportunities, also the proven fact that there are barriers pertaining to the economic conditions away from young people.

The new high value of the dowry, which is not according to research by the standard of living regarding families, post-relationship costs, higher marriage expenditures and an excessive amount of relationships

It is obvious regarding earlier dining table (4) that the higher paragraph on the social things about this new late period of ong Jordanian youthfulness is actually “the latest slow down of the age of marriage are considering the input of your parents” in the center of my account and you will a standard deviation ( respectively, which explains the kind of one’s Jordanian male society, that gives the authority to the daddy in order to interfere in the collection of wife or husband to own students, with his concur is actually a prerequisite toward end of relationship, and that may cause teenagers so you can reduce the matrimony, when it problems on elimination of identity.

Minimum of paragraph are “the explanation for the fresh new delayed ages of relationships regarding teenagers are its incapacity when planning on taking obligations getting members of the family obligation” in the center of my account and you may a basic deviation (dos.69, 0.190) correspondingly, which explains the family assistance, the spot where the members of the family provides complete service on their married college students get join the new proper care of its youngsters, and offer them with question and you can ethical guidelines, and many of one’s structure depends on so it support.